Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

We’re gearing up for our eighth season of CELC Fantasy Football this fall! This year’s draft will be held on Sunday,
August 26, immediately after church. We’ll order pizza to sustain us through the later rounds where championships can be won or lost.

There’s room for new players to join – please let “League Commissioner” Pastor Dave know if you’re interested and he’ll e-mail you an invitation to the league. (If you can’t be here physically for the draft, you can participate by internet, cell phone, list, or having someone draft for you. Talk to Pastor Dave about these options.)

Because of the growth in CELC Fantasy Football, we now have TWO concurrent leagues. Please let Pastor Dave know if
you are going to participate (by e-mail or in person) in advance if possible so he can make appropriate preparations. Each
player will be randomly assigned to a league. Both leagues will draft on the same day/time.

There is no cost to participate. And congradulations to last year's winner: Phil Simpson!
CELC Fantasy Football
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