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Happy Spring! Here’s some of what’s happening . . .

YOUTH GROUP LASER TAG –THIS SUNDAY Middle School and High School youth are invited to participate in Laser Tag. This is a great opportunity to get to know our new Youth Director, Kammeran Giggers. Meet at the church at 5:00 p.m., but each Young Person MUST HAVE A PERMISSION SLIP. E-mail Kim Ryan ( or catch her at church on Sunday for more details.

AMAZON SMILE – It is easy to support the ministries of our congregation by placing your Amazon orders through Amazon Smile. Everything, including cost, is the same, but the church will receive .5% of everything you spend. Go to, or contact Treasurer Diane Andercyk for more information.

505 WORSHIP– This Saturday is your next chance to check out our alternative Saturday worship service. Join us in Zick Hall at 5:05 Saturday evening – we’re hoping to have a new projector delivered which will enhance the Power Point elements of the service. Plus there’s pizza!

ONE MORE WEEK TO GUESS THE NUMBER OF SOCKS – Our Sunday School ministry is collecting socks for Orphan Grain Train all through March. Bins are available in the lobby to donate socks AND to make your guess as to how many pairs we’ve collected. Winner gets some fun socks! Deadline for guesses is 7:00 p.m. next Wednesday, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, March 31. (Hint: There are at least 100 pairs so far.)

LETTER TO OUR LOCAL MOSQUE – As Pastor Dave announced in worship last Sunday, he has e-mailed a letter to our local mosque stating our prayerful support after the terrorist attack in New Zealand. The letter is attached at the end of the Midweek Messenger as it was sent on behalf of the congregation. It was shared with the Council at this week’s meeting. We have received a reply appreciating our being “good neighbors.”

Sunday’s Sermon Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14
Sermon Title: “You’re Invited, but Dress Right!”

Something to think about between now and Sunday:

What is the most memorable wedding you have attended?

Pastor Dave was at Panera Thursday for Public Office Hours. (Sorry the Midweek Messenger was late! Pastor Dave will be back at Panera in TWO weeks.)

Letter to Makkah Learning Center (Gambrills) / Islamic Society of Annapolis e-mailed March 19, 2019:


I am the pastor at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millersville. I was honored to be a guest for a Ramadan Iftar at the Makkah Learning Center last year. Also, members of your congregation spoke at our church during a study about Islam we held a couple of years ago which was very well received by our congregation and community.

I write to express my - and my congregation's - prayerful solidarity with you during this time after the horrible events in Christchurch. I know this must be a difficult and even frightening time not just in New Zealand but here in the US as well. You have been in our prayers during both Sunday services and daily Morning Prayer gatherings we are holding during our season of Lent.

Please know that we take seriously Jesus' command to love all of our neighbors, without regard to differences of religion or anything else that might separate us.

I invite you to let me know if there is anything I or our congregation might do to support you during this time. We will continue to pray.

Pastor Dave Simpson
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millersville