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From Delaware-Maryland Synod Pastor Mark Parker:

You'll recall that Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September of 2017. The rebuilding process there is a long way from complete and will probably take at least four more years.

To help aid in the rebuilding effort, we're taking our second group of volunteers down to Puerto Rico this summer, July 21
to August 3 (come for one week or both weeks). Our primary task will be construction--skills/experience are great but not required. Participants will mostly be adults, but we have space for some youth (who have at least completed 9th grade).
Last fall we took almost forty volunteers down over two weeks--a great combination of people from around the region, and some friends from other states. We hope for another great group to serve in Puerto Rico this summer.

Please check out the registration form 
( for much more information. Or be in touch with me and let me know about your questions!

(You may contact Pastor Dave and he will get you in touch with Pastor Mark.)
Synod Mission Trips to Puerto Rico
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