Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

Tabitha's Backpack is beginning our 6th school year since the start of this important mission.

As we are moving forward, Debi Wells is preparing the schedule for packers and deliverers and seems to be asking a few to do what would be more easily accomplished by many.

If you email Debi (

or me, Sue Schroen (

We will see that you are included in the schedule this fall and moving forward. Your help will be greatly appreciated and you will truly get a wonderful sense of satisfaction from participating in this mission.

 Also, if you are able to assist with loading/unloading food from the food banks into Friendship Hall, please email Sue.
This function is always done during working hours because of the pickup schedule of the AACO and MD Food Banks. 

CELC is so blessed to have this mission moving forward and excelling, without you volunteering and supporting these needy children, we could not continue to succeed in the Lord's name.
Tabitha's Backpack
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