Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Through an all volunteer effort, Winter Relief has operated as a seasonal emergency temporary shelter since 1992. The shelter is a safe, secure and comfortable refuge for those experiencing homelessness. Last year we provided food and shelter to over 30 men as we partnered with Rejoice Fellowship and St. Christophers Episcopal at St. Christophers in Linthicum. Christ Lutheran will again partner with St. Christophers and Rejoice Fellowship at St. Christophers to support Winter Relief in 2019 from Jan 2 -7. Our responsibilities will be from Jan. 3 - Jan. 5.

We will be looking for congregation members to help with preparing meals, staffing, transportation and food donations. Watch for a sign up board/trifold in the church each Sunday. Please see Marian Barry, Steve Zahn, Elisa Colburn and Sheila for more information or ways you can help. Thank you for your support.
Winter Relief ~ January 3-5
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