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Job Description
Christ Lutheran Church, 8249 Jumpers Hole Road, Millersville, Maryland, 21108
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The Youth Director is to provide leadership for ministry to middle and high school youth (grades 6-12). The Director of Youth Ministry serves under the direction of the Pastor.

Ministry Duties

1. Exemplify Christian ethics and lifestyle, setting a positive example in actions, speech, and interpersonal relationships both at work and in the community.
2. Build relationships with young people and their families.
3. Plan and implement youth fellowship activities.
4. Coordinate plans and activities with the Youth Team and with the Church Council.
5. Promote Christian service by planning and implementing youth service project
6. Encourage and teach knowledge of God’s Word, the Bible. This involves teaching Bible Studies and Sunday School. Teach High School Sunday School each Sunday during the school year, including recruiting adult assistance as needed and assuring coverage when absent.
7. Be a catalyst for young people to grow in their relationships with God and with each other.
8. Plan and coordinate weekly Middle and High School Youth Group sessions one evening a week (for each, or combined) during the school year, including recruiting adult assistance as needed and assuring coverage when absent.
9. In conjunction with the Youth Team, plan a calendar of events that includes Bible Study, fellowship and service. The majority of these events will take place on weekends, especially Sundays and on some evenings. The Youth Director will be expected to be present at these events.
10. Visit young people in their homes, at their schools, and at their extracurricular events.
11. Maintain communication with youth through phone, e-mail, social media, etc.
12. Recruit, train, encourage and support young people and adult volunteers to equip them for youth leadership.
13. Assure adequate chaperones for youth events, particularly overnight activities.
14. Coordinate and conduct fundraising as needed.
15. Accompany youth to retreats, conferences, and the National Youth Gathering.
16. Pray regularly for youth and their families.
17. Participate in worship and in the life of the congregation.
18. Meet weekly with the Pastor for supervision and coordination.

Administrative Expectations
1. Provide monthly reports for the Congregational Council.
2. Provide a year-end summary for the Annual Congregational Report.
3. In coordination with the Youth Team Chairperson, manage the disbursement of budgeted funds for Youth Ministry within the guidelines of the approved budget and in adherence with the financial policies of the church.
4. Maintain records and information as needed for future planning.
5. Assure that registrations procedures are followed for conferences, retreats, etc.
6. Communicate with the congregation by timely submission of material for the bulletin and newsletter, and by the use of appropriate social media.

The Church shall:
1. Provide an employee handbook for general policies and regulations
2. Provide compensation for church related mileage.

Performance Review:
The first six months shall be considered probationary. Six months after the initial date of hire, there will be a performance review; thereafter reviews will be conducted annually. Many factors go into performance reviews; the major ones are listed below.
     Successful completion of requirements listed above
     Maintaining a growth driven attitude
     Showing increased proficiency and accuracy in all areas of work requirements
     Compensation for this part time position is a competitive salary based on experience. 
     The position requires approximately 15 hours a week.

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